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About Woobie Gear

Woobie History

The military is responsible for the majority of technical apparel innovation over the last century, and no product has had a larger impact than the Poncho Liner - affectionately nicknamed “The Woobie”. Originally issued to Special Forces soldiers, the Poncho Liner was designed to be wrapped around a soldier and worn under The Military Poncho as a layer of insulation. The Woobie was effectively the birth of Synthetic Insulation and has inspired decades of innovation in material and manufacturing science.

Woobie Innovation

The Poncho Liner was initially re-purposed to create the Field Jacket Liner, or “Smoker’s Jacket”, meant to be worn with the military’s issued M-65 Field Jacket. More recently the Woobie Hoodie and Woobie jacket emerged, providing military personnel with a modernized version of this product. The Poncho Liner material creates the perfect mid-layer for a wide range of physical activities. Low-density Polyester fibers between air-permeable woven layers of ripstop nylon create a more efficient fabric for regulating warmth and transferring moisture. In the industry, this “breathability” for ideal thermoregulation and adaptability during movement, is known as “Active Insulation”. For its weight, the Woobie Hoodie is surprisingly warm even when wet, dries quickly, is easily packable and extremely durable even in the harshest environments.

Woobie Gear

Woobie Gear was founded by Active Duty military personnel with the mission of creating high quality products for the military, first responder, and outdoor communities. A portion of all sales are donated to organizations supporting both active duty and retired military personnel.


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